Application Platform for Transparent and Programmable Payments

Zippie enables your business to send and receive programmable payments with money and other digital assets like airtime, loyalty points, tokens and gift cards

Over 80,000 customers served globally and counting


Why Zippie

We are paving the way for an easy to use Web 3 ecosystem with inbuilt payments. We empower anyone with basic web development skills to join the new internet where trust is inbuilt and where programmable value transfers are predefined. We build trust between parties who normally would not yet trust each other. Our platform helps you to create customised applications to manage different types of value transfers and to make instant or pre-programmed conditional payments.
About us

Our Developer Solutions

Our solutions are based on blockchain, Smart Contracts and IPFS enabling you to build upon our platform with basic web programming skills. We offer blockchain as a service solutions for various customers.

Zippie Wallet

Deposit, hold, send and recieve money or digital assets via any messaging platform.

Zippie Pay

Accept or make payments with multiple types of value e.g. purchasing items with money and loyalty points.

Zippie Identity

Sign up and sign in to use blockchain based applications with customised security levels and utilise ready made KYC and AML solutions.

Smart Accounts

Set customised conditions and rules to be met when value is transferred. These are enabled by our programmable solutions.

Our Products

Support Local Communities with Airtime and Mobile Data

Airtime Solutions
Use our Airtime Solution dashboard to manage sending of Mobile Data to 170 countries globally with detailed reporting.

Hold, send and receive money and other value

Hold, send and receive various forms of digitalised assets such as money, commodities, shares and other valuables created by our regulated partners.

Merchant Payment Solutions

Make transactions safer for buyer and seller by eliminating no show orders and distrust through our programmable conditional payments like escrow, recurring, split and milestone based payments.

Increase loyalty

Engage and grow your customer base through our in-built loyalty point and referral system. Our Loyalty Solutions ensure you are building a customer base of real users.

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Enabling verifiable trust during asset ownership and transfer

Our solutions enable Lohko to issue digital ownership of real gold bars and increase transparency by issuing ownership certificates to the individual bar connected to the serial number of the bar.

Let's discuss how we can increase trust, access and accountability in your online transactions.

Release the power of Web3 with easy development and end-user experience.