A Web3 Operating system with in-built trust and value transfers.

Why was Zippie founded?

Zippie was established to enable people and businesses to transact with each other without middlemen so that anybody could purchase products or services and transact with each other with money or other digital assets, no matter which part of the world you live in.

“We founded Zippie to make global trust between people possible.”
- Dr. Antti Saarnio, Co-Founder

Our Story

We had noticed that while the internet gave almost everybody equal access to information, a very large part of society does not have access to financial tools to sell, buy and borrow equally on the/via the Internet.
We wanted to build easy to use tools that would bridge the gap between people and access to financial services by using their smartphones.
Blockchain obviously was the go to technology for this, but we soon realised that as a technology, blockchain was still very early and it was missing easy to use user experience.
So our first task was to build a layer on top of blockchain, which would make it very easy for anybody to use applications based on blockchain technologies. We also wanted to create a platform for application developers so that they could build their applications easily without a deep know-how of blockchain technologies.
The outcome of four years of development is Zippie payment and application platform, where users can easily sign up and start transacting in just a few seconds. Developers can also build their applications based on our platform with just basic web applications programming skills.



  • Open up our APIs for third party developers to start building tokenized Web3 applications with basic web development skills.

  • Apply and receive payment processing license in Key markets

  • Sign partnerships for payment processing across Africa


  • Grow our application ecosystem

  • Increase our payment capabilities from Europe and Africa to Asia Pacific and South America

2023 and beyond

  • Grow our payment rales and application platform globally



Our team co-founded Jolla, a Finnish mobile operating system company developing Sailfish OS. This technology project was one of the largest start-up lead projects in Europe. Our team raised a €50 million funding and succeeded in developing one of the few independent mobile operating systems. In 2017 Rostelecom acquired majority in Jolla (www.jolla.com).


Zippie was founded, building a blockchain-powered Web3 Operating System. Zippie is one of the leading blockchain consumer solution developers in the world. Zippie’s wallet solution has been tested with more than 70 000 users and so far $5 million have been invested in the Zippie platform development work.


We launched our Airtime Network and E-money wallet in Kenya with our local regulated partner Jambopay.


We launched our first third party applications Lohko Wallet (lohkowallet.com) and MyPlanet (myplnet.green) on the Zippie platform and launched our Airtime Dashboard for businesses and NGOs to use.

Decentralized, Programmable, Trustworthy

We are one of the most tested and proven blockchain platforms in the world. Our Web3 Operating System is based on blockchain and other decentralized technologies, providing developers a framework of APIs to build their apps with programmable value. This enables application users the ability to interface with the value ecosystem in a decentralised and trustworthy manner. This is why we call it a Web3 Operating system.

Utilising several trailblazing technologies to enable seamless value transfers and application ecosystem.


Blockchain enables free sending of value anywhere in the world within seconds, but until now it has been very difficult to use.
Zippie has built a blockchain wallet interface which enables anyone to send money just by sharing a link on WhatsApp, without user needing to download extensions, apps or know anything about the underlying technology.
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Smart Contracts

Smart contracts on blockchain can automatically execute transactions between parties under certain conditions, without middlemen such as banks.
Zippie uses smart contracts for example to collect loan repayments automatically from a merchant's daily revenue, which decreases default risk significantly and simplifies the loan process.
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IPFS is a new peer-to-peer filesharing system which ensures that all data is available in its original form and cannot be easily erased. Data on IPFS can be accessed even without internet connectivity.
Zippie uses IPFS to build such web infrastructure which can not be controlled or blocked by one party. This increases trust in multiplayer ecosystems.
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Progressive Web Apps (PWA) feel like native mobile apps, and can be accessed like a normal website or an icon on app grid but without needing to download an app from app store.
Zippie is a PWA which makes onboarding new users as easy as visiting a website, minimizing drop-outs during onboarding and enabling the wallet go viral.
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