Zippie is the most complete developer platform on the market for transparent payment and digital asset solutions

Our solutions allow applications and organizations to get to the next level of security, traceability, and verifiability based on Web3 technology

Our workflows are so smooth and invisible, that your users will never know they use web3 and blockchain technology.

Zippie’s solutions concentrated around transparent payment and digital asset solutions, fast user onboarding, wallet management, data and asset verification.

Our story

Web3 and blockchain technologies will have a huge impact on the digital world and democratize equal access to opportunities. People and organizations can exchange information and value in a trusted manner without middlemen and achieve extra security, transparency and traceability in their actions.

At the same time, we also see how hard, complex, and inconvenient it is for regular users to join the Web3 world. Users need to download extensions, create a wallet, and remember passphrases. Joining blockchain technology requires time, knowledge, and a lot of steps to follow while risking losing your assets.
This is why we created Zippie — to solve Web3 limitations and blockchain complexity. We do this by building easy-to-use tools to bridge the gap between mass users and the Web3 world.

We build easy-to-use tools to bridge the gap between mass users and the Web3 world.

We created Zippie for developers to enable integration with the Web3 world without the complexity of the current Web3’s development environment. Zippie tools are focused on programmable and verifiable smart asset solutions and fast user onboarding with effortless familiar workflows for mass users.

Zippie makes Web3 and blockchain beneficial and accessible for both users and developers while helping applications and businesses move into the Web3 era easily and securely.

The people behind Zippie

“Zippie was founded to make global trust between people possible.”- Dr. Antti Saarnio, Co-Founder
Antti Saarnio
Co-founder, CEO
Carsten Munk
Co-Founder, CTO
Annika Hiltunen
Legal and business development
Riikka Loisamo
CEO, Zippie Pay
David Biagini

Meet the Zippies

Our 25+ team of development, business and marketing experts behind our success.

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