Transparent Digital Asset solutions

For businesses and application developers
Release the power of Web3 with easy development and end-user experience.

Milestone-based results

Track results and monitor progress towards particular milestones.

Verified asset history

Transparent dataset verification with computational blockchain technology.

Web3 login and recovery

Connect Web3 login and recovery with easy and familiar Web2 user experience.

In-app asset management

Build your own In-app solution, manage and issue digital assets.

Ventured Solutions

Discover ventured cases built with Zippie developer tools

Discover our products

Developer tools for transparent results, digital assets and user management for ultimate security and traceability of your application.
Programmable milestone based results with full transparency.
Data Verification
Data Set and Digital Asset verification to bring safety and trust for all parties.
Web3 Assets
Building blocks for asset issuance and management solutions.
Decentralized Identity
Traditional style Web3 compatible login and recovery with digital signatures and key management.
Why zippie?

Reveal Zippie’s key benefits

A unique infrastructure for easy development and end-user convenience.
Easy end-user experience
Onboard users to Web3 without the complexity and decrease user acquisition costs.
Developer friendly, easy to integrate
Supports multiple frontend and backend frameworks with sample codes and developer-friendly documentation. Dashboard for easy development coming soon.
Next level security and compliance
Payment services level security and compliance.
Multi-chain support
Enables fast and secure data and asset transfer across multiple blockchains.
Build your app linked to different systems and services to connect with no effort.
Computational verification of digital assets and data to build trust and transparency.
Coherent ecosystem
Everything you need in one to build your digital asset solutions.
Customizability and Smooth integration
Flexible software for complete customizability, programmability and integration with your app.

Start building a Web3 future today

Web3 is powered by blockchain technology, decentralization, and eliminating the middleman.
Let users govern their own data, ensuring high security and privacy with distributed networks.
Traceability and Transparency
Build trust by enabling viewing transactions and data to eliminate any opportunity for fraud.
Automation & Programmability
Reduce human assistance with programmable conditions and automated triggers to ensure proper execution.
Efficiency and simplification
Enable cost savings by increasing speed and efficiency in operational workflows.
Increased Competitiveness
Reduce arbitrage costs to offer significantly lower prices.
Empower your community
Empower and incentivise community and customers with tokenization.

Discover what our customers have to say

Hear from some of our amazing customers who are using Zippie.
Zippie has provided us with a groundbreaking technology solution that enables MyPlanet to support local conservation communities in Tanzania and gives donors visibility on how their funds are being used. 

It’s a win-win!
Michele Menegon
Zippie has provided a great tool for our work at CMI: the airtime transfer scheme has enabled us to support our partners in a number of countries across Africa with a minimal administrative burden. The service has helped to ensure that people stay connected to the peace and security discourse throughout the pandemic, and beyond.
Juhana Lehtinen
Project Manager, CMI

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Our personal lives are dependent on our access to the internet. However, today's internet has massive integrity problems making the global human community vulnerable.

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Release the power of Web3 with easy development and end-user experience.