Universal payments tailored for business

Zippie enables your business to send and receive programmable payments with money and other digital assets like airtime, loyalty points, tokens and gift cards 

Over 80,000 customers served globally and counting


Making sending value as easy as instant messages

Through Zippie you can make instant or pre-programmed conditional payments, where you can choose which milestones have to be met by the sender or receiver before value is transferred. We empower your business to grow by making transactions possible even when trust between parties is yet to be established.

Send and receive payments and other value


Instantly send and receive large and micro payments in the form of money or digital assets such as airtime, loyalty points and gift cards.

Make it safer for buyer and seller


Eliminate no show orders and distrust in transactions through our programmable conditional payments like escrow, recurring, split and milestone based payments.

Increase loyalty


Engage and grow your customer base through our in-built KYC based loyalty point and referral system. Our platform ensures you are building a customer base of real users.

Hold and manage digital assets


Hold various forms of digitalised assets such as money, commodities, shares and other valuables created by our regulated partners.

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Discover how Zippie helps MyPlanet to revolutionize the conservation model

Our solutions enable MyPlanet to receive milestone based secure donations from anywhere in the world and increase radical transparency by authorizing donors to track donations end to end.