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Lohko digitalises various financial assets with its unique and secure technology. Investors can freely purchase assets, hold them in their Lohko wallet, or transfer them anywhere in the world. All while specialised custodians are safely managing their investments.


Cross-border investing, transferring or selling of various alternative assets is challenging. Limited access to potential global investors leads to inefficient markets and lower asset valuations.

Furthermore, the liquidity of alternative assets is typically very low. Selling physical gold or other similar assets often requires trust between the buyer and seller or tests and proof that the asset is genuine.


Lohko wallet allows the purchase of tokenized real assets as non-tangible (ERC721 tokens), which can be freely traded or sent. Third party custodies will hold the actual assets and the holder of the related token will be entitled to the ownership of the asset.

The Investor wallet’s smart account also enables programmability of the underlying asset.

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