Web3 Wallets and Assets

Essentials for asset issuance and wallet solutions

Build your Web3 wallet with easy user experience and automated asset issuance with our simple development environment.

Intergate Web3 directly into your application

Current blockchain wallets are either fully custodial with a good user experience or non-custodial. In non-custodial solutions users have to deal with gas payments, potentially losing access to their assets as well as dealing with separate plugins to manage their assets.
Zippieā€™s Web3 wallet solution offers both custodial or non-custodial options for fully app integrated wallets with smooth user experience.
Our asset solutions also enable apps to build automated asset issuance directly from the app, enabling asset creation on demand.

In-app wallets to manage your digital assets

Build your own wallet with our easy-to-use tools.
View balance and History
Transfer, Send, and Receive
Swap value (Coming soon)
Bridge between networks (Coming soon)
Trusted indexing (Coming soon)

Asset issuance and management solution

Enable asset issuance on demand directly from your own application.
Smart contracts with predefined templates
Mint and burn fungible and non-fungible tokens on demand


Sponsor or charge your users for gas payments*.
*Gas payments are tokens used to process transactions on blockchains.

IPFS Gateway

Easily connected to IPFS decentralized, distributed, and immutable data storage.

Effortless development tools

Develop wallets and asset solutions that are directly integrated into your application.
Drop-in component-based approach
Easier and faster development with just a few lines of code.
Custodial and non-custodial solutions
Secure and flexible solution for users and applications.
Multi-blockchain support and node connectivity
Supports seamless integrations across different blockchains.
Choose signature methods
Connect various digital signature methods to ensure account security.
Notification services
Stay up-to-date with on-chain activities through webhooks.
Coming soon
Coming soon
Developer dashboard
Customization of application with minimal development effort.

Ready to get started?

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