Decentralized Identity

Onboard users into Web3 in seconds

Easy user onboarding and recovery for your customers.

Web3 Onboarding

Onboarding for Web3 is currently complex, which reduces adoption and user acquisition. Decentralized Web3 applications are also unable to help customers recover access to their accounts.
We provide the ability to onboarding users within a matter of seconds with easy recovery while still maintaining the benefits of decentralization.
Decrease the cost of user acquisition and increase adoption with our Decentralized Identity.

Secure and easy decentralized cryptographic key management

Our key management system stores a users' key, split across multiple nodes in a decentralized key recovery network, that allows us to build innovative authentication and recovery methods as well as enforce and introduce multiple levels of security.

Customizable user experience

Choose from pre-made UI/UX flows or build your own
Completely integrated into your app
Works with every modern browser without downloads or extensions

Digital Signatures

Allow your users to sign transactions and claims digitally.

Entirely decentralized user storage

Give your users sole control over their digital identity with end-to-end encryption of their own private storage.
Reduced application liability with fully decentralized infrastructure.

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Everything you need for Web3 onboarding

Onboard your users with a growing number of features and an easy development process.
Fully customizable UI/UX for experience integration
End-to-end encrypted isolated user storage
Works with every modern browsers
Sign transactions
Multi-factor authentication
Easy onboarding with recovery
Cryptographic Key Management Support (SECP256K1)
Dashboard for easy branding and development
Coming soon
User group and organization support
Coming soon
Fully decentralized storage and services
Coming soon
Verifiable credentials
Coming soon
Data geo-fencing support
Coming soon
Zero-knowledge proofs
Coming soon

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