The most transparent smart payment system on the market

Secure and traceable payments with proof of achieved results.

Unfold transparency and trust

Web2 payments lack transparency, which introduces risk while reducing fund flow and diminishing trust.
Zippie is bringing the power of Web3 by developing solutions that enable full end-to-end traceability with programmable rules for payment releases.
This also includes proof of delivered results, which builds trust and increases accountability between parties.

All-in-one payment solution, built with developers in mind

Track your payments
Ensure your payments end up with the right person and follow the payment flow.
Transparent reporting
Meet the highest level of trust and transparency with full end-to-end traceability.
Result-driven milestones
Release milestone payments against achieved results.
Support micropayments with lower transaction fees.
Fast and cost efficient
Enable real-time payment releases once pre-programmed conditions are met.
Seamless integration
Allow easier and faster application integration.
Automate regulatory compliance
Reduce cost and eliminate human error while staying on track with evolving compliance standards.

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Zippie Pay technology can be utilized through our licensed payment services partners.
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