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Zippie ID helps you prove who you are online.

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What is Zippie ID?

Zippie ID is your personal minisite that contains information others can trust.

In these times, on social media, every day is April Fool’s day. Regular encounters with fake identities and bots make it difficult to identify what is real and what is not. This is especially true in the crypto space.

We created Zippie ID to help you stand out, build trust with your audience, and develop relationships that matter.

Everything you put on your page can be verified by staking our native token ZIPT or by using digital signatures from 3rd parties.

The page is owned and controlled by you using state-of-the-art cryptography. You can decide who can access which information and when.

How it works

Share who you are
Add information about you (photo, name, affiliation, ...)
Invite your friends to vouch for you by staking ZIPT
[something about winning and losing / Kleros; working on clarifying this]
Get verified on social media
Upload your verified profile picture into your social media accounts

Our Features

User-managed & controlled
You are in full control. Changes to your ID can only be made with your cryptographic signature which nobody else has access to.
Encrypted data
You can select which data to share with whom. It’s as easy as sharing a document on Google Docs.
Decentralized storage
Your information is safely stored in multiple locations not controlled by any central party. You can even host the content yourself using the power of IPFS and Filecoin.
Easy key management
Log in to your profile with means matching the security you need for the value of your data - from simple email authentication and social media accounts to mobile phone fingerprint authentication.

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